Kumkum bhagya 14th january Lohri 2020 Written update natak on zeetv.

kumkum bhagya 14th january lohri 2020 written update natak
Kumkum bhagya 15th January written update.

Kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv.

The written update of Kumkum Bhagya 14th january, 2020: Sanju jumps from a bridge with Prachi In the aftermath of tonight, Ranbir and Abhi Sanju beat and beat him. Sanju jumps from a bridge with Prachi to escape them.
In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir’s mother locked him in his room when he returned from prison. Ranbir jumps out of the window and decides to take his car to find Sanju. He only tells Rhea where he is going. Rhea then hears Abhi find out that a boy named Yuvi was in the MMS video. Ranbir decides to deal with Yuvi because they are from the same college. Rhea warns Sanju that her father and Ranbir are both after him. Sanju tries to leave the city when Abhi and Rhea find him. Abhi reaches for Sanju, but Rhea helps him escape.

Kumkum bhagya natak written update.

In yesterday’s episode of kumkum bhagya 14th january, Abhi Sanju runs after Prachi and Ranbir go together. Rhea keeps Pragya company because they are slower than the others. Pragya injures her foot and has to go back. Something bites her on the way to the car. Rhea leaves Pragya in the car and returns to find the others. Ranbir notices Sanju and runs after him.

Sanju encounters a dead end on a bridge and Ranbir cornered him. Ranbir wants to know why Sanju Prachi did this. Sanju says he only did it because he knew Ranbir was in love with Prachi and he hated that. He says he wanted to separate Ranbir and Prachi. Abhi, Rhea and Prachi reach Sanju and offer support.

Kumkum bhagya 14th january dharavahik written update.

Abhi and Ranbir start spanking Sanju. Even Prachi walks up to Sanju and hits him. She refuses to ever forgive him for what he did. Sanju takes Prachi and jumps off the bridge. Sanju falls into the water, but Prachi holds the poles on the bridge. Ranbir and Abhi manage to pull them up. When everyone returns, Prachi picks up her mother in the car.

Abhi goes to the car, but when he reaches Pragya, her Pallu flies and covers her face. Abhi doesn’t notice that Prachi is Pragya’s daughter. Prachi sees that Pragya’s feet have turned blue and she is passed out. Prachi goes to a doctor with Ranbir to treat the poison. Ranbir stays with Prachi until Pragya wakes up and the doctor confirms that she is out of danger.

Ranbir’s parents open the door and give him his new clothes, which he can put on for the Lohri party in Abhi’s house the next day. They see the empty room and think that Ranbir has fled the window. Ranbir comes out of his bathroom and says he never left. Abhi is sitting in his room wearing a scarf for his wound. Rhea scolds him for risking his life for Prachi. What will happen at the Lohri party? Find out tomorrow.

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