Kumkum Bhagya 10th February , 2020 Preview: Abhi supports Prachi and defends her

Kumkum Bhagya 10th February , 2020 Preview: Abhi supports Prachi and defends her. In the next episode, Aliya and Rhea Prachi insult and try to falsely accuse them. But Abhi, who is her father, defends her.

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In Kumkum Bhagya today drama, Ranbir finds that all photos from Saloni’s cell phone have been deleted. Rhea had put them in and deleted all media. Meanwhile, Prachi chats with Maya and tries to find out the truth by recording it in one voice. Rhea looks at it and plans to stop Prachi from revealing it. Rhea and Maya deliberately run in Prachi’s auto rickshaw.

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Meanwhile, Abhi sits in his car and sees Pragya. He calls her name and feels his voice, but continues. While Rhea insidiously deletes the voice recording from Prachi’s cell phone. Abhi finds Prachi on the same street and takes her safely to Vikram’s house. Rhea and Ranbir also arrive there. There everyone insults Aliya Prachi.

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In the next episode of kumkum bhagya 10th february, Aliya announces that Prachi should not be trusted, since nobody can ever know when she is lying or telling the truth. Prachi is injured and she leaves when Ranbir tries to stop her. Abhi, who is there, scolds Aliya for speaking badly about Prachi. It guarantees that Prachi is always with Ranbir, even if no video proof was found. Aliya and Rhea look at each other scornfully! Kumkum bhagya next latest episode preview

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