Dolly Parton Challenge illuminates the Internet and lives with 4 versions

Dolly Parton Challenge illuminates the Internet and our lives with 4 versions of everyone’s best self

Depending on the social platform, there is another side of your personality that you want to share with the world.

Of course, it’s natural to reveal other aspects of your life on Facebook than on Instagram, and everyone is a mix of themselves depending on the social situation. The new highlight is the viral Dolly Parton meme, which has become known as the Dolly Parton challenge. The good news? No musical talent is required.

It all started when the music icon shared this magic.

“Get a woman who can do everything,” she said.

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Get you a woman who can do it all 😉

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The contribution was a kind of collage, which was divided into a square grid and showed who she would share on LinkedIn with the world (just right for potential employers! Style for all internet friends!) And finally Tinder (a costume for potential flames!)

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