Arvind Kejriwal says Delhi to Revamp Education System Content

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, expressing concern that something is wrong with an education system where graduates find it hard to secure employment, assured his audience of IIT-JEE government school students that his government would update the content currently in the education system. This would come about soon after the entire education system was improved, he however added. Citing the fact that not much has been done to keep education in step with the times, claiming that India is still operating a system of education that came with the British, adding that there was no direct practical applicability of what was being taught in classrooms with what was needed to succeed in one’s life and career.


His reassurance came with the reminder that all of this upgrading and updating would take some time, thereby urging the people to support the time necessary for the planned changes to be implemented in a lasting manner. He added that the aim of this effort to improve education was to afford people to hit the ground running after getting their degrees, instead of being forced to spend their time trying to find employment.


Kejriwal praised the efforts of Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, going all out to insinuate that the latter, single-handedly, has made the government school the preferred education destination for parents to send their children to, instead of the once popular private school. He ended his interaction with the students by suggesting that all other Indian States have now been pressured into making similar changes to their education systems due to the success they have seen Delhi experience.

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