Smartphone Data Consumption in India goes from 4GB/Month, to 1GB/Day

As the Indian consumer becomes more technologically enabled and savvy thanks to new and improved mobile technology and internet connectivity in the country, the usage of data has also increased many times over, according to the “Nielsen Smartphone 2018” report. India is now a preferred destination for smartphone manufacturers, and service providers of all kinds, particularly financial services estimate the market to grow in leaps and bounds in the next couple of years. One of the things that has helped fuel this voracious appetite for data has been the lowering of the cost of data overall, from a few hundred rupees per recharge, to a few rupees, depending on the service provider.


Director-Technology IPG – Nielsen India, Abhijit Matkar pointed to the availability of lower cost data plans and smartphones as being a key driver of this phenomenon, saying, “The advent of high-speed 4G Internet, less-expensive mobile handsets and a correction in call data charges have encouraged the speedy adoption of smartphones in India. This sudden influx of affordable smartphones created a whole segment of new consumers who either upgraded from feature phones or were new mobile users altogether. The price of handsets and data is emerging as a remarkable surrogate for monitoring the ever-widening set of users and their smartphone usage, thereby facilitating business and marketing strategy for better return on investment.”


The most popular applications that people in India were using were social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as data downloading applications like uTorrent, followed by video software YouTube and other browser applications.

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