Neighbourly App by Google Rolled Out Beyond Mumbai and Jaipur

In an initial test of the market and its response, Google launched its “Neighbourly” app in Mumbai and Jaipur in June of this year. With a very promising response by users, the app has been rolled out to five additional cities in India: Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Kota and Vizag. The app helps users make voice-based searches in their local language to look up information about where the nearest tuition centre is, or the nearest park, even sopping arcades that they would like to visit.


A “similar answers” feature enhances the utility of the app by providing users with four additional verified responses to their queries that could be of assistance to them. Josh Woodward, Group Product Manager, Next Billion Users team, Google said, “With ‘Neighbourly’, we are able to address the local information needs of India’s fast-growing internet users in their neighbourhood.” His Next Billion Users team had previously done rigorous testing of the application prior to its launch, particularly by making their way into the cities that application is going to be launched in, so as to ensure that the information that the app provides is accurate.


Neighbourly is currently available on the Google Play Store in its beta release for the seven cities that the application has been rolled out to thus far. No additional cities have been mentioned at this time for the ongoing roll out, but it appears that news about additional locations where this application will be available to perform its essential duties is just over the proverbial horizon.

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