Indian Railways “App”-Happy

Embracing trends in modern technology, the Indian Railways has increased the number of mobile applications that its passengers can use to include all aspects of the services that it offers. Numbering fifty apps in all, some of the more popular apps include those that are directly related to passengers who utilize the railways as a preferred mode of transportation. What originally began with single apps, such as the IRCTC Rail Connect app that allows users to book tickets and to change their boarding point were the fist to make the transition to the world of mobile applications. However, in addition to the number of mobile apps created by the Indian Railways, there are roughly 200 other similar mobile apps that offer a range of service combinations, and at various levels of user-convenience, in comparison.


At the moment, there is the IRCTC Rail Connect app to help with booking train tickets, UTSonMobile, which was launched this month, and allows people to book and cancel unreserved tickets for train travel, National Train Enquiry System to assist to locate where a train is at the present moment or if it has been diverted or is experiencing some delay, Menu on Rail so that passengers can order food online and enjoy meals of their choice when they travel, Saarthi to put in cleaning requests so that the train compartments are maintained in a clean state of being, and even Railways Parcel to help in the booking of parcels along one of the most intricate and well-connected railway networks in the world.


A senior railway office has indicated that as there are several apps which have been created in-house by the Indian Railways, an attempt was being made at consolidating the various services that they offer under a larger, umbrella application, to promote an easier path to downloading and using the app.

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