What is kanger water | Machine price and models in india from Enagic.

What is Kangen Water ?

Kangen Water is the marketing brand name of Alkaline Water Ionizer. It is an international brand manufactured by a company Enagic. Kangen is not a water feature or property or nature of the water. These machines do not create healthy drinking water from no where. They ionize the regular we already drink.

You are searching for a device called a water ionizer. There are many water ionizers in the world. Enagic manufactures its water ionizer under the brand name “Kangen Water”. With out any doubt Kangen water enagic is the most popular one among them. It sells more in numbers through out the world than others.

The reason to be more popular than its other competitors is typical way of marketing called Referral marketing. Enagic does not have area wise dealers or distributors or company offices in different cities of India. Business leaders who have experience in their plan run the business with the support of their down line leaders.

What are the models in Enagic kangen water machine and their price list in india.

Kangen water machine leveluk Jr II .

This is the entry level water ionizer from the Enagic. This ionizer has 3 plates or 3 electrodes. It has a price tag of one lakh fifty five thousand(1.55 lakh rupees) in india.

Enagic on its official website has mentioned that it recommends this machine only to singles or a couple and not to any family. The limitation what we find in this machine is not its input capacity or output capacity. Only 3 plates and very less power consumption makes very weak oxidation reduction potential and concentration of active hydrogen at drinking safe pH levels. This 3 plates machine can not deliver at least one third perfomance of 7 plates machine in the same brand from enagic. The difference is not about how many people being able to use it but it is about the properties of the ionized alkaline water between the models.

kangen water machine enagic leveluk jr ii with 3 plates
Enagic Kangen Water machine Jr II at 1.55 lakhs with 3 plates or 3 electrodes.

With 1.55 lakh investment you can buy a kangen water machine but not the right intensity machine. How ever, you can get a better performance machine with five plates and around a price of only one lakh in another famous brand Tyent alkaline water ionizer NMMP 5 plates in India.

Kangen water machine leveluk sd 501 flagship model.

This is the flagship selling model and ideal model one should choose from kangen water models. The price tag of this model is fixed at 2.77 lakhs two lakhs seventy seven thousand rupees. It has 7 plates or 7 electrodes in place. The enagic official website mentions it as the best model for a small or mid or big size family. It mentions a cap around -700 orp on its highest level of pH. It claims around a ideal input of 4 liters water into the machine.

kangen water machine enagic leveluk sd501 with 7 plates at 2.77 lakhs
Kangen water machine leveluk sd501 from enagic at 2.77 lakh with 7 plates.

You can easily operate the SD501 thanks to a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts. The SD501 is Enagic’s “Flagship” model because it provides additional stable oxygen, better micro-clustering, and higher negative ORP levels than the leveluk Jr II model.

Kangen water machine mighty k8 .

Mighty k8 has 8 plates or 8 electrodes. It is the most stylish stunning look and most advanced kangen water machine with enagic. It has a price tag of 3.43 lakh rupees in India. On the input front Enagic mentions around 6 liters input per minute. At the orp point, enagic website mentions up to -850 oxidation reduction potential on its highest level of pH water. It mentions upto means it depends on water quality, input mineral content, flow rate and other factors.

kangen water machine mighty k8 with 8 plates at 3.43 lakh rs
kangen water machine mighty k8 with 8 plates at 3.43 lakh rs

The K8 is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a large full color LCD panel and clear voice prompts. With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the 5 waters you choose. Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice, and in moments the machine will generate healthy, ionized water through a flexible pipe.

Kangen water Enagic buisness plan.

The reason why kangen water machines are popular than other brands is purely by its business plan. Any body who bus a single machine or even who does not buy a single machine but refers to some body who buys is termed as a global independent distributor. One such distributor can earn commission on sales up to 8 levels under him. Purchase of kangen water machine from a business point of view is very good. Provided the dealer is dedicated, focused and works full time attends all business seminars, training. There is a chance to succeed definitely.

From an end customer point of view, who is interested only in health benefits of water and in product. He ends up paying too much more for commission cost also rather than only product cost. But this is expensive because you pay for your machine and you pay a commission of 30 out of your pocket.

kangen water machine enagic water ionizer comaprison
Water ionizer comparison

Kangen water machine price includes both product cost and commission cost to 30 middle men.

Kangen water machine price = product cost + 30 members commission (40% to 45% of what you pay). It does not matter which model you buy or from whom you buy where you buy we end up paying commission to 30 dealers or middle men.

Kangen Water has not been updated in its machinery and technology for the past 25 to 30 years. Most important of all, you can buy a reputable brand with Kw, but you shouldn’t expect after-sales support after your purchase. Their business model does not keep after sales service local support assigned to any body. End customer has to look to his machine by him alone. Their biz model focuses only on driving sales and creating new opportunites with new dealers. It does not focus on satisfying or supporting existing users time to time on outside issues of the machine. Kangen Water has its service center in Bangalore only.

You want to buy a popular reliable, durable outforming updated water ionizer. You need good service support in your local city. Tyent water ionizer is the best option. It is available

Good price
Good performance
The best after sales is local support

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