Domestic violence in Kamareddy troubles. Husband leaves his own wife nude on street.

domestic violence in Kamareddy : It is becoming increasingly common for couples to break up each other with three skirts and feet and Vedic chanting. There are incidents of violence where the husband and wife of the swearing-in of Nathirachami should always be accompanied. Recently, a husband showed his devilishness towards a committed wife. He made his wife laugh at the four of them. He had to endure a lifetime of humiliation. he left his wife alone with out clothes on the road. The event has caused local turmoil.

Her husband showed evil spirits in Bhikkannur, Kamareddy district. Locating and getting out of a committed wife has become a local sensation. Earlier, a husband who beat his wife, angry at her. He got her down on the road. Many got angry at his stupid act. Relatives and neighbors dressed her. Under heavy humiliation, she went straight to the police station and lodged a complaint with her husband. The case is being investigated by the police.

domestic violence in Kamareddy : Relatives and neighbors help her in tough times.

The husband seems to have dealt brutally towards his wife in Bhikkannur in Kamareddy district. This may be because of family disputes. She went to the police station in disgrace almost in the same situation, the eyewitnesses revealed that the locals stopped in the middle and covered the woman with clothes. On the other hand, some have revealed that the accused had consumed alcohol while hitting his wife.

However, people are furious over the incident. If there are family quarrels, you need to sit down and talk. Neighbors, on the other hand, revealed that he had been harassing his wife on a regular basis. They have always heard shouts from their house. Police have arrived at the home with the victim’s complaint and took her husband into custody. They have taken to the police station and questioned him.

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