Wuhan Coronavirus : Big jump in new cases, deaths declared as diagnosis method is tweaked

Wuhan Coronavirus : Big leap in new cases, deaths that have been declared as a diagnostic method have been optimized

Another 14,840 new cases were reported in Hubei on Thursday. This was comparison to 2,015 new cases reported in mainland China the day before.

The Chinese province of Hubei, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, reported nearly 15,000 new cases on Thursday. This was a sharp surge that destroyed hope of a slowing down of the epidemic. Unfortunately it also raised new concerns about its actual scale across the country. UAE has suspended all its flights to and fro from Iran because of coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

Wuhan Coronavirus named COVID-19.

Most reports of new cases are in Wuhan, the provincial capital. Here the virus, now called COVID-19, is thought to have its origins.

Almost Now we have reports of 60,000 cases of the virus across China, with the most recent death toll being 1,367.

The most recent increase came after officials in Hubei started using new technology to diagnose cases.

Hubei had previously allowed infections of confirmation only by RNA tests, which could take days to process. RNA or ribonucleic acid contains genetic information that enables the identification of organisms such as viruses.

But it has now started counting cases that have been clinically diagnosed.

The Hubei Health Commission has not disclosed the details of the new diagnostic method. They only said that clinically diagnosed cases of COVID-19 are suspicious to have “pneumonia imaging features”.

Citing health officials, Reuters reported that the cases diagnosis was happening using computed tomography scans that could reveal lung infections.

As a result, 14,840 new cases reports in Hubei on Thursday, compared to 2,015 new cases in mainland China on Wednesday.

The new diagnostic method will help patients get treatment as early as possible. This should improve the success rate, said the Hubei Health Commission.

However, the new test method is only in use in Hubei Province, Chinese officials said.

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