Sai Pallavi threatens Akhil akkineni ?!

Young hero Akhil needs to deliver a huge hit at the box office to get himself proved a star material. While his debut venture Akhil misfired miserably his second venture Hello too couldn’t live upto the expectations though critics spread positive reports.
Akhil’s Hello film locked with Natural Star Nani and crazy heroine Sai Pallavi’s MCA during Christmas season last year. MCA scored brownie points over Hello then.
It seems Sai Pallavi will pose a threat to Akhil again. Sai Pallavi’s MCA defeated Hello during the clash between both the movies. Sai Pallavi’s yet another film titled Padi Padi Leche Manasu will be releasing for this year’s Christmas season. Akhil and Venky Alturi’s combo movie will also be hitting screens in the same season. Eventually, it’s going to be a clash between Sai Pallavi and Akhil again. But then, who is going to clinch the victory? Let’s wait and watch.

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