Mahashivaratri 2020 : When is it. Date & Auspicious time. why do we celebrate ? Fasting story to reach salvation

Shivratri 2020: On the day of Mahashivaratri 2020 , one should recite the Shiva Purana and recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Shiva’s almighty chant “Om Namah Shivaya”.

Is Mahashivratri a national holiday?

Mahashivratri is a big festival. It is related to hindu god Lord Shiva. Yes its national public holiday in most of the states in India. Lot of private sector companies also declare it as holiday. How ever, in some few states it is a optional holiday.

new Delhi: Mahashivratri is one of the major festivals of the Hindu religion. Shiva devotees look forward to this day for the special worship of their adorable Bhole Bhandari throughout the year. On this day, devotees try to please Shiva Shankar by offering water, milk and bell leaf on Shivalinga. It is believed that on the day of Mahashivaratri, the devotees who offer the anointing or watering of Shivalinga with true heart get special blessings of Mahadev. It is said that Shiva is so naive that even if someone worships Shivling involuntarily, he gets Shiva grace. This is the reason that Lord Shiva Shankar has been called Bholenath. Let us tell you that Shivaratri which falls on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha every month is called Shivaratri only. But Shivratri, which falls on the Krishna Chaturdashi of Falgun month, is called Mahashivratri.

When is MahaShivaratri 2020 ?

According to the Hindu Panchang, Shivaratri which falls on the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi of Falgun month is called Mahashivratri. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of February or March every year. This time Shivaratri is on 21 February.

Mahashivaratri 2020 date and auspicious time.

Mahashivaratri: 21 February 2020
Chaturthi date Start: 21 February 2020 from
5.20 pm to Chaturthi date ends: 22 February 2020, 7 pm to
2:00 pm Pooja time of night: 21 February 2020 from 6:41 pm to 12.52 pm

Why do we celebrate Shivaratri ?

There are three beliefs about celebrating Shivaratri:

  • According to a mythological belief, Shiva appeared for the first time on the day of Mahashivratri. It is believed that Shiva appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga Agni, which had neither the beginning nor the end. It is said that to know about this Shivalinga, Brahma, the creator of the universe, took the form of a swan and tried to go to the top of it, but he did not get success. At the same time, Vishnu, the creator of the universe, also took the form of Varaha and started finding the basis of that Shivalinga, but he also failed.
  • were born lingam another according to mythology Vibnni day of Maha Shivaratri 64 places. However, information about only 12 Jyotirlingas out of 64 is available. They are 12 Jyortiling.
  • only the Shivaratri night, according to the Third was the marriage of Lord Shiva Shankar and mother power.

Puja Stuff for MahaShivaratri 2020 festival :

Collect pooja material a day before Mahashivratri fast, which is as follows: Shami leaves, fragrant flowers, vine leaves, dhatura, hemp, plum, mango manjari, barley ears, tulsi dal, raw of cow Milk, sugarcane juice, curd, pure desi ghee, honey, Ganges water, holy water, camphor, incense, lamp, cotton, sandalwood, panch fruit, panch mawa, panch rasa, perfume, roli, molly, janeu, panch mishthan, Shiva and Goddess Parvati make up, Daksh Anna, worship utensils etc.

Worshiping method of Mahashivaratri 2020

On morning of Mahashivaratri, wake up early in the morning and take a clean clothes and take a pledge.

  • Then Shiva temple visit or we may water on the lingam in the temple.
  • To add water, first take Ganga water in a copper lotus. If there is not much Ganga water, then add few drops of Ganga water in plain water.
  • Now mix rice and white sandalwood in the lotus and offer water on the Shivling while saying “Oom Nam: Shivaya”.
  • Rice, bell-leaf, fragrant flowers, dhatura, hemp, plum, amar manjari, barley ears, tulsi dal, cow’s raw milk, sugarcane juice, curd, pure desi ghee, honey, pancha fruits, pan nuts after offering water Offer Panch Ras, Perfume, Mauli, Janeu and Panch Mishthan one by one.
    -Now offering the Shami leaves, say these mantras:
    Amangalananam shamani shamani dushkritasya ch.
    Grief: Swapranashini Dhanyan, the principal, Shami Shubham.
  • After offering Shami leaves, show incense and lamps to Shivji.
  • Then distribute prasad by performing arti from Karpoor.
  • The meaning of Shivaratri day meeting is fruitful to awakening.
  • It is best to worship Shivaratri in ‘Nishith Kaal’. We call the eighth Muhurta of the night as Nishith Kaal. However, devotees can worship Shiva with true reverence in any one of the four poles of the night.

The mantra of worship should Recition on the day of Mahashivaratri, recitation of the Shiva Purana and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Shiva’s almighty chant “Om Namah Shivaya” .

Fast story of Mahashivratri

According to mythological beliefs there was a hunter. His name was Chitrabhanu in ancient times. He raised his family by killing animals. He was a money lender, but could not repay his loan on time. Angry moneylender captives the hunter in Shivmath. Incidentally, it was Shivratri that day. The hunter kept meditating and listening to religious things related to Shiva. He also heard the story of Shivaratri fast on Chaturdashi. Soon after evening, the moneylender called him to him and talked about repaying the loan. The hunter broke the bond the next day, promising to repay the entire loan. Like his daily routine, he went out hunting in the forest, but was distraught with hunger and thirst due to being in detention house all day. He went far away in search of prey. When it got dark, he thought that the night would have to be spent in the forest itself. He climbed a vine tree by the side of a pond and waited for the night to pass.

The Shivling under the bilva tree.

There was a Shivling under the Bilva tree which was covered with Bilvapatras. Hunter could not find the person. The twigs that he broke while making the halt coincidentally fell on the Shivling. In this way, fasting and thirsty hunters fasted throughout the day. Morever, bilvapatras also mounted on the Shivling. At one o’clock in the night, a pregnant woman came to drink water at the deer pond.

As the hunter drew an arrow on the bow, Hirani said, “I am pregnant. I will deliver soon. You will kill two creatures together, which is not right. I will give birth to the child and will be presented to you soon.” , Then kill. ” The hunter loosened the cross and the deer disappeared into the wild bushes. At the time of offering and loosening, some bilva papers spontaneously broke and fell on the Shivling. In this way, the worship of the first Prahar was also done inadvertently.

Shortly after, another Hirani emerged from there. The hunter was over the moon. After coming close, he put the bow on the arrow. Then Hirani humbly pleaded, “O hunter! I have retired from the season a while back. I am a lustful Virahini. Myself wandering in search of my beloved. Will meet my husband and come to you soon.” The hunter let him go as well. He was perturbed over losing his prey twice. He was in all sort of thoughts. The last hour of the night passed. This time too, some bell-papers fell on the Shivling with a bow and the worship of the other Prahar also completed.

Mahashivaratri 2020 the hunter fasting story.

Then another Hirani came out from there with her children. It was a golden opportunity for hunters. He did not take long to shoot arrows at the bow. He was about to drop the arrow that Hirani said, “O hunter!” I will return these children to their father. Do not kill me this time. ” The hunter laughed and said, “I am not such a fool as to leave the prey exposed. I have lost my prey twice before. My children must have been hungry and thirsty. In reply, Hirani again said,” As you The love of our children is haunting me, just like me too. Hey hunter! Trust me, I promise to leave him to his father and return immediately. “

Hunter hears the humble voice of Hirani.

Hearing the humble voice of Hirani, the hunter felt pity on him. He let that chicken escape too. In the absence of hunting and distraught with hunger and thirst, the hunter was inadvertently throwing the bell-sheet sitting on the vine-tree, breaking it down. When the dawn broke, a strong deer came on the same path. The hunter thought that he would definitely hunt it. Seeing the trunk of the hunter, the antelope said in a polite voice, “O hunter! If you have killed three antelopes and small children coming before me, then do not delay in killing me too, so that I have a moment in their disconnection. Do not have to suffer. I am the husband of those deer. If you have given them life, please give me a few moments of life. I will meet them and appear before you. “

As soon as he heard the deer, the whole night cycle happened in front of the hunter, he narrated the whole story to the deer. Then the deer said, “The way my three wives have gone as promised, I will not be able to follow my religion with my death. So, just as you have left them as confidant, so let me also go. I will join them all in front of you soon.” Only present. “

The hunter let him go as well. Thus morning came. Fasting, night-awakening and climbing of bell-sheet on Shivling inadvertently completed the worship of Shivaratri. But inadvertently, he got the result of the worship done immediately. The violent heart of the hunter became pure. Bhagavad Shakti dwells in it.

How did the hunter reach salvation unknowingly with shiv puja and fasting ?

Shortly afterwards, the antelope appeared before the family hunter, so that he could hunt them. But seeing the veracity, sattvikta and collective love of wild animals, the hunter was very sorry. He gave life to the antelope family.

Unknowingly following the fast of Shivaratri, the hunter got salvation. When the Yamdoots came to take his creature in death, the Shivguns sent him back and took the hunter to Shivlok. It was only by the grace of Shiva that King Chitrabhanu was able to remember his previous life in this birth and after knowing the importance of Mahashivaratri, he could follow it in his next life as well.

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