BJP Ignores languages of South India at the Statue of Unity!

Declaring it as the pride of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s Statue of Unity today. Ironically, many people are divided on the statue’s unveiling. A large section of Telugu people feel that the South has been ignored once again. The discontent began as Telugu did not make it to the list of regional languages on the signboard displayed at the ‘Statue of Unity’. Telugu Desam Party leaders added that this is another examples of Centre’s apathy towards Andhra Pradesh.
Additionally, the Tamilians are upset with the signboard at the site that features the name of the statue in several languages. They say the Tamil translation of ‘Statue of Unity’ is just wrong. Some alleged that it was just another example of the ignorance about regional languages in India. Many took to social media to vent their anger and called upon the Prime Minister and other authorities to rectify it as soon as possible. Many even tweeted an accurate translation so that the correction can be made quickly. One of tweets mentioned: “not being unity to South.. once again single South language even though tamil translation is wrong… gave more important to foreign language than to regional languages.”

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