Baratiya Janatha Party waiting for it’s opportunity in AP?

The attack on YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has several underlying messages. Grapevine has it that the attack was planned by the BJP to create an impression that the Telugu Desam Government was behind it. On the other hand, the responses of YSRCP leaders and the party immediately attacking the TDP government also raises several questions on the whole episode. Even Jana Sena Party and the BJP in the state has been singing the same tunes as that of the YSRCP. Similarly, in Telangana too, the TRS has been concerned about the incident. Additionally, Governor ESL Narasimhan’s involvement directly with AP DGP, without consulting the AP Chief Minister gave a new twist to the whole tale. Now, YSRCP leaders’ plans to meet Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi and later, President Ramanth Kovind highlight an underlying message that they are unhappy with the government. According to inside reports, the BJP Government is planning to create a law & order disturbance in Andhra Pradesh, in the wake of the protests against attack on YS Jagan. “Later, apparently, they want to bring in the Governor’s rule and dismiss the current government”, said a source.

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