Babu Gogineni to be evicted this week from the bigboss house!

TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has become an integral part of the daily dose of entertainment for the masses. As per the routine, the upcoming Sunday’s episode shall feature the eviction of a housemate. According to reports, rationalist and human rights activist Babu Gogineni is likely to get evicted this week. However, an official confirmation is awaited in tonight’s episode. Besides Babu, Tanish, Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh and Syamala have been nominated for elimination this week. Geetha and Syamala have already made it to the safe zone. On the other hand, Tanish has become the new captain of the house as well. Babu Gogineni became close to the masses with his controversial TV debate shows wherein he went on to dispute and debunk few astrologers and other anti-rational practices. He was believed to be one of the strongest contenders in the game of Bigg Boss. However, everyone including Nani , the host of the show, raised concerns over his passive participation in various tasks. On several occasions in the show, he was seen pledging to kick his co-inmates Nutan Naidu, Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri out of the house. Ironically he is likely to walk out much before accomplishing his missions.

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