Asaram Defence Seeking Bail; Rajasthan High Court Admits Appeal

Following his life sentence for sexual exploitation of a teenage devotee at his ashram, Asaram Bapu’s defence counsel has moved the Rajasthan High Court to grant him bail on the grounds that a co-accused on the case has been granted bail. The bench consisting of Justices Nirmaljit Kaur and V.K. Mathur have sought a reply from the state government and have issued a notice to this effect, while also requesting the record of the case to be reviewed. Mahesh Bora, legal counsel for Asaram speaking on the matter of the application for bail said, “We had moved a criminal appeal in the High Court praying for setting aside the conviction order. Since it has been admitted, we would now file a bail application soon.”


The self-appointed spiritual leader had been charged with tax evasion, but was granted bail by the court on charges leveled against him by the Station House Officer at Udaimandir for being caricatured as demon king Ravana and being threatened on social media.


In addition to his legal team, the District Parole Committee also received a bail application from one of the guru’s relatives. This bail plea claimed that as Asaram had served five years in jail and was eligible for parole, he should be granted it. The application for parole sought 20 days as the period of parole. In response, an administration official from the district authority said that a decision will be taken based on a report on the matter.

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