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How to earn credits

New Registration 10 Points (One Time)
Profile Picture 5 Points (One Time)
Chating 1 Point (Daily Once/Per individual Member)
(One Point for each different user you chat, once daily. That is if you(user) chats with 10 different friends he/she will get 10 points and the user's 10 different friends with which he chats also gets 1 point each).
Invite a Friend
Events 2 Points (For Each Approved Event You Post)
Blog 5 Points (One Time)
Forum Topic 2 Points (Once Daily)
Topic Comments 1 Point (Once Daily)
Group Creation 1 Point (Once Daily)
Videos 2 Points (For Each Approved Video)
Login to Betechs 1 Point (Once Daily)
Credits earned through Invitations
You will get credits upto 3 levels for INVITATIONS.
The following is the diagramatic representation.
If 'You' invited 'A' ,after A getting registered
'You' will get 10 credits.
If 'A' invited 'B',after 'B' getting registered
'A' will get 10 credits and
'You' will get 5 credits.
If 'B' invited 'C', after
'C' getting registered 'B' will get
10 credits,'A' will get 5 credits and
'You' will get 2 credits.
In this way, upto 3 levels the credits
will add to everybody.

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